TubeBuddy YouTube SEO Tool, Is It Worth Paying For?

If you are a YouTuber or just getting started and trying to grow your channel, try this giant YouTube optimisation tool. Personally what I love most about TubeBuddy is its ability to help you to grow your YouTube channel immensely, period.

Over the years, TubeBuddy has been a huge factor in the success of many YouTube channels. So if you are struggling with your YouTube Channel, give this powerful tool a try.  It now brings me to the question that I believe everybody is on everybody’s mind.  What is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a certified YouTube SEO tool and Chrome extension that connects to your YouTube account and immediately enhances it with powerful additional capabilities.

Because TubeBuddy is 100% YouTube Certified, the moment you install it, it automatically embeds into your YouTube dashboard and begins helping you improve with its numerous capabilities

How do you then Use TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is really easy to use. TubeBuddy is available for both Chrome and Firefox, so once you’ve decided which browser to use, install it in that browser via the chrome or firefox store. Then create an account, log in, and you’re done. When you’ve installed it and logged in, go to your YouTube dashboard to see an entirely different appearance! But bear in mind that you can only have one channel per licence, but trust me on this one, it is completely worth it!

TubeBuddy Key Features in a Glance!

Auto Translator: Thanks to this powerful tool, you now can translate your video titles and descriptions into other languages.
Best Time to Publish: Most of us when we started on YouTube just post our videos whenever we have the time.  But with TubeBuddy’s analytics, it shows you when your subscribers are on YouTube so that you can upload at that time.  This helps a lot in getting your videos into the YouTube algorithm which will in the long run boost your channel.
Post Directly to Facebook: With TubeBuddy, you can now upload directly to Facebook and gain a lot of views and subscribers.
Moderation of Comments: When you get more and more comments on your channel, this will become an indispensable time-saving tool. It allows you to quickly respond to comments using canned responses and emphasise comments from supporters or recent subscribers.
Bulk Processing: This tool saves you time while also allowing you to make money. Bulk processing allows you to edit descriptions, titles, or thumbnails as well as change cards and update end screens.
Helps You to Find Opportunities: This tool will help you in obtaining more Google views. It provides the best tags to include in your video to boost online search traffic. Your videos’ ranking on Google results will improve.
Competitor Scorecard: This allows you to compare your channel’s monthly views, monthly uploads, subscribers, and interactions to those of your competitors.
Social Monitor: With the social monitor, you won’t have to manually search each of the social networks for your videos, but can quickly do it through TubeBuddy. The social scans most of the major social media platforms to see where your videos are being shared and how people are responding to your videos. 
Health Report: This gives you a broad picture of how your channel is doing. It tells you what is and isn’t working for your channel. It provides a quick overview of metrics, search traffic, similar videos, and time spent watching. 
Upload Checklist: This is one of the most useful features of TubeBuddy. It gives you 9 best practices to tick off every time you upload a video. The moment you upload your video, you will no longer forget any steps in the upload process because it is there on your dashboard.
Brand Alerts: Another fantastic TubeBuddy feature is that it sends you brand alerts. It looks using your brand name in the title, description, or tags. It’s a terrific way to keep track of how people feel about your brand on YouTube. 
Channel Valuation: This tool can assist you in determining how much to charge for brand deals. You connect it to Social BlueBook, which calculates how much to charge for a dedicated video or a shout out based on your average traffic per video, monthly views, and total subscribers. It’s also a useful tool for determining whether the value of your channel is increasing or decreasing.
Thumbnail Generator: TubeBuddy has an awesome tool to help you generate Thumbnails for your uploads so you will not have to spend tons of time on creating the perfect thumbnail. It can also compare two thumbnails and titles and choose the one that performs best. This can help you develop your channel and increase your views. Absolutely, brilliant! 
Demonetisation Audit: The demonetisation audit is essential for YouTubers. TubeBuddy scans your title, keywords, and tags, and warns you whether any of them are “sensitive” enough to trigger a demonetisation.
Channelytics: Channelytics provides insights to help you grow your channel. With TubeBuddy channelytics it allows you to compare your tags, monthly views, and more to that of your competitors! All you need to do is go to other channels similar to yours and select the Channelytics tab!  Get TubeBuddy or try it for free!

TubeBuddy YouTube SEO Tool

How much does TubeBuddy Cost?

The TubeBuddy extension is free and contains the most basic functions. Subscription plans range from $9 to $49 per month. But if your channel has less than 1000 subscribers, TubeBuddy offers reductions of up to 50%, making it very affordable if you’re just starting out!

When you join TubeBuddy, you can get free or discounted memberships to many related services.  Your TubeBuddy membership level will determine what you get. However, many of these services are available for free and can significantly improve your video marketing efforts.  With the free version you will get:

Upload Checklist:
This allows you to double-check that you’ve included everything you need, including the title, description, custom thumbnail, info cards, and more.
Quick-edit Toolbar: Navigate and edit videos in a playlist with ease.
Notification Commenting: It speeds up the process of responding to comments. Rather than needing to click on the comments section, you can respond immediately from the notification window.
Advanced Video Embed: Customize the appearance of your embedded videos by going beyond YouTube’s embed choices.
Share Tracker: Keep track of your video sharing statistics by sharing it across various social media networks.
Channel Valuation: Assess your channel’s value. This helps you monitor your brand’s worth over time and guides you in setting prices.
Chanelytics: You can easily compare your channel performance with your competition.
Subscriber Outreach: This allows you to connect with your subscribers across a variety of social media platforms.
Social Monitor: Keep track of your videos’ shared on social media.
Additional Features: Also included in the free version is a limited Video Topic Planner, Canned Responses, Comment Filters, Default Upload Profiles, Playlist Actions, and Thumbnail Generator.

TubeBuddy Paid Plans

($9/Month) Pro Plan

The pro plan costs $9 per month, or $4.50/month if you have less than 1,000 subscribers, with a significant boost from the free option. It gives you access to the majority of YouTube SEO and video access tools, as well as a number of productivity applications. The keyword explorer and suggested tags are no longer restricted, which has been one of the most significant benefits to me. You may now do in-depth keyword analysis to see which topics get the most views and increase your content creation efforts.

Included in the Pro Plan

Card Templates:
YouTube cards are a powerful way to get viewers to click from your video, a related playlist, you can create. Now you can set up any video as a card template and use it with any future videos you upload.
End Screen Templates: Instead of manually adding these templates to each video, TubeBuddy allows you to post them quickly. One of the best techniques for getting your visitors to take action after watching your video is to include an end screen template encouraging them to subscribe.
Tag Lists: It helps you to manage your lists of tags.
Suggested Tags: It identifies tags that will drive more viewers to your videos.
Keyword Explorer: Find keywords that people on YouTube are searching for.
Health Report: It gives you an overview of your channel’s health.
Free and Discounted Memberships: Free: Amazon Alexa, TubeBuddy Mobile, CollabSpace (1 year), TuberTools, JukeDeck. Discounted: Epidemic, 3PlayMedia, YouTube Stock, YouTube Starter Kit.
Bulk Processing Tools: Includes a demonetization check to find any videos that have been demonetized on YouTube and submit them in bulk for review. You can also update or remove cards in bulk, find, replace, and amend titles and descriptions in bulk, and more.

($19/month) The Star Plan
The star plan includes all of the YouTube SEO tools as well as all of the bulk processing capabilities, allowing you to speed up and automate a variety of activities. It is fantastic.

The Star plan include all the features of the Pros Plans as well as:

  • Scheduling Options. You can schedule an edit to your titles, tags, descriptions, or Thumbnails. You can make videos private on-demand or add or remove them from playlists at any time.
  • Publish to Facebook. You can upload your video to Facebook as a native video. Native videos are preferred by the Facebook algorithm, providing you with a better chance of engagement.
  • Keyword Rank Tracking (limited). See how you rank for keywords compared to your competitors.
  • Brand Alerts (limited). Track your videos or that of your competitors. 

($49/month) The Legend Plan
The Legend Plan It’s an incredible tool that has helped a lot of YouTube channels gain millions of views. For example, it allows you to compare different thumbnails and titles on the same video and see which one performs better. The legend plan also comes with an auto-translator which can translate your titles and descriptions to other languages easily thereby taking away the stress and cost of paying for translation.

With the Legend Plan, you will get all the features of star and:

  • Auto Translator: Translate video titles and descriptions into other languages to reach a global audience.
  • Competitor Scorecard for 10 competitors: You can also see how your channel compares to that of your competition.
  • Channel Access: Provide access to partners or employees.
  • Video A/B Tests: For better results, run split tests on titles, tags, descriptions, and thumbnails.
  • Competitor Upload Alerts for 10 competitors: The easiest way to spy on your competitors is because you can easily find out when they upload a new video.

The majority of these tools are either free or really inexpensive! The various music libraries offered are my favourite advantages. If you use it, you’ll get a 25% discount on the Epidemic Sound music library. Epidemic Sound is a fantastic music library that you’ll need when you first start your YouTube channel. TubeBuddy will protect you against copyright infringements.

TubeBuddy also offers cheap access to AudioHero and JukeDeck, as well as editing software and YouTube captioning services.

Discounts, and Free Trials
TubeBuddy’s free version can be used for as long as you want. However, there are other benefits that you will be missing without the pro version.  Not only that, there are ways to save money on subscriptions as well.

  • You can get annual payment discounts.
  • You can buy the Pro edition for $4.50/month instead of $9 if you have fewer than 1,000 members.
  • You can get discounts if you manage many channels, work with a multi-channel network, or work for a charity. 

Is TubeBuddy worth the Investment? My take on this:

  • There’s no reason to doubt it’s worth trying when you can get started for free.
  • You can get a lot of features for $9 per month or $4.50 if you have a smaller channel.
  • TubeBuddy is beneficial to both new and experienced vloggers and video marketers.
  • The tools can help you grow your following and make better-optimized videos regardless of how many subscribers or views you currently have.

Finally, TubeBuddy is really worth having, even if only for the free edition.  You may also want to check out ViqIQ

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