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I am a mother of two and an affiliate marketer.  I am a participant in the Amazon Associate Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to amazon sites.  Also, some of the links on these site are from other merchants and your using any of these links will take you directly to the merchant’s websites.  I help visitors to this site find the best deals and upload it here for their convenience.  This means when you purchase a product, I will get a commission from the merchant.  

I also help whoever is interested in purchasing any product from the UK and ship it to their address or country at a minimal fee.  I also assist schools in the UK to purchase stationery and office equipment, deliver it to their schools to be invoiced at a later date at zero fee. Any school who needs someone to help them with sorting out their purchases at no cost to them can contact me using the Contact Form

Thank you so much for your support; I hope you find the best deals you are looking.

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